Fairy General Visits- Daycare Centres, Kindergartens and Playgroups


Oooh ‘Let’s Go On A Story Adventure’ (with Fairy Poppilina), bippbidy boppidy boo! The program includes:  a greet and meet fairy style in the fairy ring, a magical flight (movement activity)*, movement-based/musical storytelling of ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, a magical odyssey: ‘The Journey Home’ by Alison Lester where children meet magical creatures throughout this imaginative story!  Then, the children have the opportunity to find paper fairies and paper bears in the room by playing the ‘hot, cold’ game.  Subsequently, the children are invited to make fairy houses and bear caves (a simple take home craft). There is also ukelele-accompanied singing*.

*Your  0-2s may enjoy joining in during the singing time.

This is a great way to theme the previous week – discussing and preparing for a real live fairy’s visit!

ALSO – Fairy Poppilina offers a CHRISTMAS-THEMED session with all of the aforementioned but with the inclusion of Christmas stories: Santa And The Three Bears, The Princess And The Presents.

* Fairy Poppilina is a qualified children’s yoga teacher and incorporates a lot of magical movement in her sessions.

* Fairy Poppilina is also available for regular storytelling in your centre.

Fairy Poppilina has also performed for homeschool groups, mothers’ groups and playgroups ..


  • All children receive a ‘fairy certificate’  and/or a sparkledust dusting!
  • The session time is approximately 50 minutes.
  • Fairy Poppilina performs to a maximum of 3 classes at a time, maximum of 3 sessions per day, up to 40 students at a time.
  • Fairy Poppilina sets up in one spot for her visit [no moving between classrooms, just one room/spot for the entirety].
  • Fairy Poppilina requires a table and chair [fairy ‘fankadoodles’].
  • 30 minutes ‘bump in/bump out’