Librarians/Program Facilitators,

Are you ready to take your little library lovers  on a ‘book/story adventure’? Oooh ..bippidy boppidy boo .. it is literary FUN I offer you!

Choose from my unmissable ‘Fairytale Fun’ session of the fairytale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which I have previously performed in various libraries (Cairns, Waverley) and is included in my school ‘fairtyale education’ incursion.

 “Thanks, Poppy, I’ve had fantastic feedback about your fairytale sessions; the librarians and everyone in general loved having you there.  Thank you for your lovely presence and I look forward to seeing you again”.  Acting Business Engagement Team Leader, Sandra Sayaxang, Cairns Libraries.

“Thank you for bringing such joy to the library”.  Michael Marks, Acting Co-ordinator, Library Experience, Waverley Library, Sydney, NSW.

Or .. my specially-selected storytelling session where adventure meets powerful message – the retelling of ‘The Journey Home’ by Alison Lester with a lot of jokes (offered to be read aloud by little hooomans with reading powers) and ‘Never Say No To A Princess’ by Tracey Corderoy followed by mermaid/mermen making craft.

The ‘Fairy Fine-print’:

Fairy Poppilina’s storytelling sessions are of an approximate 50 minute duration.

Movement, music and interaction are included – ie there will be some noise/sound/possible movement [dancing and singing].  A separate room/area in your library may be wise!

Fairy Poppilina requires a table and a chair PLUS textas for the magical name activity at the end.

Fairy Poppilina, a non-microphone using fairy, considers up to 40 fairy friends to be a good size!

30 minutes bump in, bump out time.

Added bonus – Fairy Poppilina offers segueing into a magical name procurement activity at the end of the storytelling component [fairy friends formulate their magical names from magical name charts, write it on their fairy certificate and pop it into a brown paper lunchbag with a pinch of fairydust, of course].

Suitable for children 4-12 years.



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