Fairy’s Tale

Fairyones: a little twinkle about myself …

In essence, I never ‘got over’ the magic of children’s literature, the power of imagination and the pleasure of fairy play. When a hired fairy for my OWN daughter’s fifth party failed to appear, it seemed the opportunity had magically presented itself and this impromptu, serendipitous fairy performance was the “tippy toe I needed” to ‘take my passion and make it happen’.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of bringing countless children’s books to life in libraries, schools, festivals and regularly in a bookshop AS WELL AS, of course, fairy partying with many birthday princesses in private residences and at cupcake shop. In the ten years I have ‘flitted and flapped’ as Fairy Poppilina, the passion has never died and the excitement never waned …

I live between Sydney,  the Gold Coast + Brisbane due to my husband’s work so I have the luxury (and blessing) of being able to fly to fairy friends in these three destinations.

I believe that in the midst of gloom we need stories and fairy lightness more than anything!  A life without whimsy is a ‘non-life’!!!  I am so grateful to have this passion, allowing me to offer children to enter a ‘fairy door’ of fascination and wonderment,  inhabit the lives of book characters.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge” [Einstein].

I hope to see you under my fairy rainbow soon!
Bright blessings,
Fairy Poppilina x
Poppy Stoker is a mother to two daughters, freelance forensic psychological report writer, former library assistant, childcare assistant + a ukelele playing, head standing, cake-baking, rollerskating, human bean + ‘Blue Card-ed’, fully insured AND fully Covid-vaccinated.