Teachers, Educators and Stage Co-ordinators,

Welcome to my enchanted world!  I utilise the art of storytelling and performance to bring information to life in a meaningful and connected way.

I work with a wide range of audiences and contexts from schools, libraries and events.

I have a number of incursions that complement the Australian School Curriculum.

I am currently offering a magical storytelling reproduction of the well-known fairytale, ‘Goldilocks’, ideally suited to prep (or kinder in NSW) to grade one as part of the Literature unit.

Also, I offer an enchanting mindfulness story-based session with a focus on developing emotional regulation and cultivating mindfulness and positivity.


General Literature Appreciation Sessions (Presentation of Popular Children’s Books, Book Week, Author Spotlight studies)



This is an invitation for all prep [QLD] / Kinder [NSW] and grade one, two and three students to meet a “real” fairy, Fairy Poppilina, the fairytale and storytelling fairy, in ‘FAIRY POPPILNA’S GOLDILOCKS/FAIRYTALE EDUCATION SESSION’.

Students will learn the ‘secret magical’ fairytale recipe/ [fairytale composition] and its enduring power.

Students, at times, will also become part of Fairy Poppilina’s Storytelling Reproduction of the well-known fairytale, ‘Goldilocks’ – marching through the forest like the three bears and using their range of ‘bear voices’, allowing students to explore voice and movement, learn about focus, identify the main idea of this fairytale and learn how ideas can be expressed through role and story.

They will seek to find if Goldilocks ever apologised and if the three bears chose to forgive her; thus emphasising how fairytales are evolutionary and adaptable; with the origins and components of the fairytale remaining but adapting to current values and concepts [such as growth mindset].

The key objectives are to engage and develop students to:

  •  recognise and apply literary concepts such as the distinction of a fairytale’s structure
  • expression through voice, movement and role play
  • apply creative thinking to problem solve and overcome real or imagined obstacles
  • explore concepts relating to morals
  • distinguish different personalities and build empathy

Fairy Poppilina looks forward to sharing her fairytale magic at your school!

Fairy Poppilina also recommends (and can include) a retelling of ‘Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians’, a fractured fairytale. and touches on  how fairytales and fractured fairytales vary.

Fairy Poppilina is a delightful incursion provider and can also be found on ‘’

NB:  Prep/Kinder/Grade One teachers – this is a great session in follow up to the fairytale unit.

Grade Two teachers – the fairytale is a fine example of the narrative and complements narrative unit studies.

Grade Three – teachers, fairytales and fractured fairytales, link to the study of ‘Imaginative Texts’.



Fairy Poppilina is also a qualified children’s yoga teacher and has a background in psychology (her day job is writing up psychological reports on criminals).  She understands the power of the ‘magic breath’ and its transformational effect on emotional regulation.

Students will learn the ‘traffic light’ technique on stopping on red, gathering  on orange and going on green once feeling in control again.  Students will have scenarios to practise their traffic light technique, as well as other techniques such as butterfly hugs, frog hops to control the four big emotions – Anxiety, Sadness, Excitement, Fear.

Students will also learn the importance of creating one’s own ‘internal happy place’ / visualisation (students will identify their own happy place – is it in the warm ocean, sitting under a tree, riding a bike?  Students will be encouraged to draw their own happy place and will learn how this technique leads to cultivation of positive thoughts, gratitude and letting go.

The session segues to the presentation of Aaron Blabey’s ‘Noah Dreary’, a story that showcases the downfalls of being out of control with our mood and emotions ..ooh if only Noah had learnt the ‘magic breath’, the ‘traffic light technique’ and had created his own internal happy place.

The session concludes with students making their own ‘traffic light’ as a reminder for emotional regulation.

 “Fairy Poppilina”, asked one boy in grade four, “I just don’t understand how Noah Dreary ever led a happy life after his head fell off.  How can you be happy after something disastrous happens?”  Noah subsequently discovered his own emotional resilience, cultivated gratitude and positive thoughts, let go and forevermore remained in control of his emotions, even after the biggest calamity of losing his head!



Fairy Poppilina relishes any opportunity to impart the magic of reading, of loving books, of story adventures.  She has ‘brought to life’ many popular children stories; namely:

A Squash and a Squeeze [Julia Donaldson]

This is an example of an old Jewish fable and can be linked to fable studies

Never Say No To A Princess [Tracy Corderoy]

This is a personal development/growth mindset story that highlights the importance of friendship and being nice.

“I don’t want anymore things, I just want a friend to have fun with”.

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet [Anna Kemp]

Another growth mindset story that shows the importance of determination and listening to your dreams.

“There was Biff out dancing as light as a sugarpuff.  Dogs can do ballet”.  We can all do anything our hearts and minds desire…

Also, Fairy Poppilina discusses how the ‘reading journey’ often results in ‘catching a favourite author’ [like the prolific Julia Donaldson].  Julia Donaldson’s array of wonderful stories are fabulously imaginative and literary ingenious!  Fairy Poppilina presents any two Julia Donaldson stories [from The Singing Mermaid,  Squash And A Squeeze, to Sugarlump And The Unicorn].  The session also includes information about Julia Donaldson and the fact that she personally asked Fairy Poppilina to nominate her favourite Julia Donaldson story [Fairy Poppilina’s favourite Julia Donaldson story is, by the way, ‘Sugarlump and the Unicorn’ ..

 The Journey Home [Alison Lester]

Fairy Poppilina retells  ‘The Journey Home’ by Alison Lester [a story of a brother and sister whose sandpit hole takes them into the Magic Lands, visiting Santa, a pirate, a mermaid, a prince and a fairy]. Follow up discussion is centred around favourite magical creatures.


Plus More, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Corduroy, Pinkalicious, The Princess and the Pea and Christmas-themed stories:  Santa Claus and the Three Bears, The Princess and the Presents



  • The session time is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Maximum number of students per session = 30
  • Minimum of three classes
  • Fairy Poppilina is able to provide up to four sessions in a day
  • Fairy Poppilina sets up in one spot for her visit [no moving between classrooms, just one room for the entirety, due to set up etc].
  • Fairy Poppilina would LOVE a table, a chair and a music stand [if possible]
  • Fairy Poppilina will arrive 30 minutes prior to start time for set up etc.

Great stories change lives.  They introduce us to characters whom we don’t normally encounter in our day to day existences, they take us on adventures, they help us learn important lessons; essentially stories are pivotal to our emotional and educational development.