Librarians/Program Facilitators,

Are you ready to take your little library lovers  on a ‘book/story adventure’ with Fairy Poppilina’s highly interactive and comprehensive presentation of many well-known fairytales and stories?  Fairy Poppilina sprinkles her story magic on familiar fairytales and children’s stories and .. bippidy boppidy boo .. it is literary FUN she offers you!

She is currently offering an unmissable ‘Fairytale Fun’ session of the fairytale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which she has performed in various libraries, including Cairns Library and Waverley Library (Sydney).

 “Thanks, Poppy, I’ve had fantastic feedback about your fairytale sessions; the librarians and everyone in general loved having you there.  Thank you for your lovely presence and I look forward to seeing you again”.  Acting Business Engagement Team Leader, Sandra Sayaxang, Cairns Libraries.

“Thank you for bringing such joy to the library”.  Michael Marks, Acting Co-ordinator, Library Experience, Waverley Library, Sydney, NSW.

Other story sessions include:

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet (Anna Kemp) + Never Say No To A Princes (Tracey Corderoy]

A Squash And A Squeeze (Julia Donaldson) + The Singing Mermaid (Julia Donaldson) and/or Sugarlump And The Unicorn (Julia Donaldson)

Noah Dreary (Aaron Blabey) + Thelma The Unicorn (Aaron Blabey) and/or Charlie Parsley (Aaron Blabey)

Adventure stories:  The Journey Home (Alison Lester) + We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (Rosen)

The ‘Fairy Fine-print’:

Fairy Poppilina’s storytelling sessions are of an approximate 50 minute duration.

Movement, music and interaction are included – ie there will be some noise/sound/possible movement [dancing and singing].  A separate room/area in your library may be wise!

Fairy Poppilina requires a table and a chair PLUS textas for the magical name activity at the end.

Fairy Poppilina, a non-microphone using fairy, considers up to 40 fairy friends to be a good size!

Fairy Poppilina will arrive 30 minutes prior to start time for set up etc.

Fairy Poppilina offers segueing into a magical name procurement activity at the end of the storytelling component [fairy friends formulate their magical names from magical name charts, write it on their fairy certificate and pop it into a brown paper lunchbag with a pinch of fairydust, of course].

Suitable for children 4-12 years.



Working With Children # WWC1219122E and  Blue Card# 332251/2  + Duck For Cover Performance Insurance #71 0182031 LCP