Librarians/Program Facilitators,

Are you ready to take your little library lovers  on a ‘book/story adventure’ with Fairy Poppilina’s highly interactive and comprehensive presentation of many well-known fairytales and stories?  Fairy Poppilina sprinkles her story magic on familiar fairytales and children’s stories and .. bippidy boppidy boo .. it is a literary adventure she offers you!

Please note: all stories have been ‘road-tested’ for general appeal (ie both boys and girls).



The Frog Prince

The Princess And The  Pea

Goldilocks + Goldisocks and the Three Libearians

The Three Little Pigs *

  • The Three Pigs is the fairytale being showcased for 2021


A Squash And A Squeeze

Sugarlump And The Unicorn

The Singing Mermaid



Thelma The Unicorn

Noah Dreary



Caryl Hart: ‘The Princess and the Presents’

Caryl Hart: ‘The Worst Princess’

Elizabeth Kann: ‘Pinkalicious’

Anna Kemp: ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’

Liliana Stafford: ‘Amelia Ellicott’s Garden’

Alison Lester: ‘The Journey Home’

Judith Kerr: ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’

Jane Turner:  ‘Isabella’s Secret’

Tracey Corderoy:  ‘Never Say No To A Princess’

Eric Carle: ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Don Freeman ‘Corduroy’


The ‘Fairy Fine-print’:

Fairy Poppilina’s storytelling sessions are of an approximate 50 minute duration.

Movement, music and interaction are included – ie there will be some noise/sound/possible movement [dancing and singing].  A separate room/area in your library may be wise!

Fairy Poppilina requires a table and a chair [‘fairy fankadoodles’]

Fairy Poppilina, a non-microphone using fairy, considers up to 40 fairy friends to be a good size!

Fairy Poppilina will arrive 30 minutes prior to start time for set up etc.

Fairy Poppilina offers segueing into a magical name procurement activity at the end of the storytelling component [fairy friends formulate their magical names from magical name charts, write it on their fairy certificate and pop it into a brown paper lunchbag with a pinch of fairydust, of course].


Working With Children # WWC1219122E and  Blue Card# 332251/2  + Duck For Cover Performance Insurance #71 0182031 LCP