Birthday Princesses

Oooh Fairyones,

Let’s make magical birthday memories and enjoy time with the most heartfelt, passionate and authentic fairy on earth [that’s me].

What to expect at a Fairy Poppilina party:  A fairy letter posted before the special day  *** magical games  *** imaginative activities, including  wish collection [like you have never seen it before] *** a ‘work of craft’ to take home ** interactive storytelling *** bubble blowing and mermaid dancing *** the Happy Birthday song with ukelele accompaniment ** plus lots of genuine giggles and lollipop laughter, a few fairy headstands  ** Plus ‘fairy party bags’ [eliminating your need to supply same] **

Please note:  Due to the extent and depth of the fairy birthday party program, there is no time to facepaint [but glitter/sparkles are bestowed on hands and ‘twinkleknobs’/noses].

The duration is approximately one and a half hours.  $300 – $400 fairy fee, depending on location/distance.

I ‘fairy party’ from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to the Byron Bay area.  I also continue to ‘fairy party’ in Sydney on an approximate monthly basis – please contact me for confirmation of availability!  $350 +

I have fairy partied, and continue to fairy party, for boys too!  Magic has no bounds and the activities offered appeal to both boys and girls.

Feel free to read this recent review of a Fairy Poppilina party:

“Poppilina – thank you; you are amazing!  We absolutely loved every delicious moment.  Thank you for sharing your very special magic and warmth”.  G.Badelt, Bondi Junction

X Fairy Poppilina X


Fairy Party Pointers:

$200 deposit paid at time of booking.  Remainder to be paid on the day of party.

Price is for a ‘fairy flock’ – 12 children + birthday princess [give or take a few but no more than 18]

Cake O’Clock is approximately an hour post Fairy Poppilina ‘touchdown time’ [as this heralds the conclusion/wind up of Fairy Poppilina’s visit].

Please encourage present opening after Fairy Poppilina’s departure – it is such a wonderful thing to do post party and avoids distraction.

Fairy Poppilina encourages a ‘continual grazing’ with respect to party food but a ‘sit down’ eating time can also be facilitated.  Please state your preference at time of booking.