Fairy Parties

Fairy Poppilina ‘touches down’ at your birthday party, brimming with sparkledust, a fairy treasure  for all [in pass the parcel], jiggly/wiggly dancing, a beautiful story with a lovely message, plus a colouring activity, magical games [ plus a ukelele -accompaniment ‘Happy Birthday’ around the cake]… Plus wish casting and a rainbow goodbye!

A letter is also sent prior to the party [please hide outside to give the illusion it has fallen from Fairyland].

Plus – please feel free to print out and send out Fairy Poppilina fairy party invitations –  http://www.fairypoppilina.com.au/fairy-gallery/


“Poppilina – thank you; you are amazing!  We absolutely loved every delicious moment.  Thank you for sharing your very special magic and warmth”.  G.Badelt, Bondi Junction

X Fairy Poppilina X


Fairy Party Pointers:

Party pixie maximum of 18

Duration of party is approximately 90 minutes

Payment to be made prior to party date.

Fairy Poppilina prefers an inside setting … Parks can be too ‘open space’ and crowd control challenging!

Present opening to be undertaken post FP’s departure [to avoid the party pixies [birthday girl and guests] becoming  distracted]