Birthday Princesses

Oooh Fairyones,

Let’s make magical birthday memories and enjoy time with the most heartfelt, passionate and authentic fairy on earth [that’s me].

What to expect at a Fairy Poppilina party:  A fairy letter posted before the special day  *** games [with prizes] *** imaginative activities, including potion making *** interactive storytelling *** bubble blowing and mermaid dancing *** the Happy Birthday song with ukelele accompaniment ** plus lots of genuine giggles and lollipop laughter,a few fairy headstands and fairydust wish making **

The duration is approximately one and a half hours.

Please note due to the extent and depth of the fairy party program, there is little time to facepaint [but glitter dusting and stickers are offered instead]


See you soon, by the light of the fairy moon!

“Poppilina – thank you; you are amazing!  We absolutely loved every delicious moment.  Thank you for sharing your very special magic and warmth”.  G.Badelt, Bondi Junction

X Fairy Poppilina X