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Gold Coast/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/northern NSW/Cairns/Sydney/Melbourne  (and all surrounding areas considered), I so look forward to “meeting more fairy friends and making magical memories that never end” in local libraries, preschools, schools and fairy parties. COVID [or the ‘flyrus’ as we say in Fairyland] has been a disappointing disruption to […]

How I loved my ‘fairy fortnightly Story School sessions’ creating literary memories for ‘little listeners’ at the Potts Point Bookshop between 2012 and 2017 (previously I provided ‘fairy-telling at Lesley McKay’s Bookshop, Woollahra 2008-2012).  Herewith below is a record of my final year at Story School.  I wanted […]

Wow and bippidy boppidy boo – so lovely to be redomicled on the Gold Coast after ten years of fairydom in Sydney.   Since becoming Fairy Poppilina, I have had the pleasure of providing regular storytelling in two bookshops [Lesley McKay’s Bookshop, Woollahra and The Potts Point Bookshop, […]